September 16, 2021

Oh Geez: Taylor Swift music is now banned on a radio station!

So Hot 91 in Australia decided that since their city’s netball team was going against another Aussie (Aussie Aussie, oy oy oy <– Don’t ask) netball team called the “Swift,” named after their swift-as-lightning netball skills, they would be patriotic to their team by banning everything that has to do with “Swift” on their radio station. And that means even not playing any Taylor Swift songs! Hah! Or pathetic! I’m not sure…

Either way, it generated a lot of publicity for the radio station. So, that has to be good, right?

Wrong! @Ari is here to tell you that even good publicity doesn’t matter nowadays. Seriously, what’s the result of this? Everyone will say, “Hmph, that’s cute,” and then go along with their lives. Will it make anyone say, “What?! A radio station in Australia?! Wow, I have to stop all of my listening habits and start listening to them!” and increase listenership? Not very likely.

If, on the oft chance, however, it causes Taylor Swift herself to mention the radio station because of the stunt, I reverse everything I say, because when Taylor accidentally burps your name for a second, you’ve made it!

Here’s the Article:

Queensland radio station sensationally bans Taylor Swift’s music from the airwaves

PS – I just learned what netball is. Wow. Youtube it. It’s nothing crazy. But it’s just weird that I never knew something like this existed. Like, I know what cricket is, right? How come I never heard of netball? Weird.

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