December 2, 2021

A Floating Space Society. Finally!

Leave it to the Oligarchs to use their free time, which they probably have a lot of, to think up ways to save humanity. This dude wants to build, not a rocket, not a space station, but a whole SPACE COUNTRY. Basically, he wants a rocket civilization that can hold 10 million people while they look for a new planet once Earth is destroyed. Though with millions of people on board, my bet is there’s a good chance there’ll be plenty of ideologues ready to destroy whatever new planet they land on, too.

Also, um, the name. Asgardia. Really? Asgardia? Sounds like a great name for a diaper that muffles your methane emissions or for a product that stops unwanted advances from behind you. But a space colony? Maybe. I guess, what do I know. If there isn’t a Micky Dee’s on board then forget it. I prefer to suffer earth’s attacks with the few remaining Big Macs!

Here’s the info in case you’re looking to travel:

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